These is actually an excerpt from a furious e-mail obtained by a man JDater after she blew off a suitor…

    “It isn’t really like i am dieing [it got every ounce of restraint not to ever correct this spelling] for chicks, there are multiple blond chicks prearranged for your week-end, one’s a ukranian product. Nothing tend to be this on the web things, but any. whatever mistake I fashioned with you I pretty sure wish to perhaps not enable it to be together with them. I am able to merely picture just what it was actually, in the event it was not a octopus dancing.”

    Easily happened to be to put this to music…

    Up on the shore it works all day/Out under the sun they slave away/Although we’re poppin bottles/With Ukranian models/underneath the sea.*

    *I’m at this time imagining Sebastian surrounded by the entire cast from the trip 2010
    tv series, Ariel resting close to him, pouring a vodka soda with lime, and stirring it with a fork. But I’m sure also they usually have not a clue what an Octopus dancing is. Unless it is a reference to that particular filthy thing King Triton did with those double dolphins one time in college. But everybody else did that sort of part of the ’60s.

    **Clarification. a) the point of the mail usually it creates virtually no rational sense. There’s absolutely no such thing as an Octopus dancing, especially because it’sn’t on
    Metropolitan Dictionary
    . This man sent a lady he went with on
    this email after she blew him off. b) anything else is simply a
    Little Mermaid
    research. Aside from that thing about Triton as well as the dual whales in 1962 mid acid travel. That is genuine.

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